mediatrix in motion

Writer, Filmmaker, Digital Creative Strategist

Naomi Bock produces smart, engaging content across the media spectrum. She also helps companies articulate their marketing messages and manage their digital projects.

Her film and video work has been seen on television and at festivals around the world. With other credits ranging from print and web journalism to software user-experience design, she gets her fingers into practically every pixel pie at the culture carnival.

Her fascination with evolving digital media technologies helps her explain these developments to general audiences, as well as find new storytelling formats to explore. Other intellectual interests include neuroscience, memetics, and systems theory. 

Current creative projects include a feature-length screenplay and a novel to be experienced as an immersive multimedia website.

She lives on Galiano Island, BC, where she is a member of North Galiano Fire and Rescue, recently becoming certified as an Emergency First Responder. She holds Canadian and Estonian passports, as well as an honors (that’s “honours” in Canada, Australia and the U.K.) journalism degree from Carleton University. Although she loves a good colloquialism, she’s a copy-editing stickler, routinely pestering deli-workers to correct their sandwich boards. Other distractions include adventure sports, old / newfangled cooking techniques, and extra-fizzy homemade soda. 

Hire her for:

•  Fresh, juicy creative strategy for media and marketing ventures

•  Video that engages the heart as well as the eye, produced with some very resourceful budget-stretching tricks  

 Clean, effective copy and UX (user-experience development) for websites, software interfaces/documentation, and technical/educational publications   

•  Customized digital asset management systems for storing, searching and sharing photos, videos, documents and other files, set up with sophisticated access permissions and metadata fields

•  Research that shines a spotlight right down to the bottom of the rabbit hole